Welcome to Tendance Mosaic !


You can find here a selection of unique and handmade mosaic works. With standard or stylized designs, several themes are approached:
the Celtic symbols, the Japanese Culture, as well as more traditional works for Home and Table decoration.
It is also possible to decorate your own object on demand.
I hope you will enjoy your visit. Please do not hesitate to let me know your feedback and expectations.
Kind regards,
Brigitte Piat

Tendance Mosaic is located in South Brittany (France).

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A few words about mosaic works

Mosaic Art is a timeless form of decorative art which has its place in every interior. As for me, Mosaic Art is like a recipe. I incorporate all the “ingredients”: materials (Briare enamels, earthenware, stoneware, glass…), colors, shapes, and fix them on a support (stool, stand, wood, pot…). Finally, « the cherry on the cake »: I apply the joint whose color is decisive to put in value the mosaic work. That is how we obtain a unique object, pleasing to look at.

Mosaics are made from a combination of materials:accueil4
-Briare enamel
-Glass pastes
-Tiffany glass
-Decorated earthenware plates
-Handmade ceramic tesserae
-Various decorative accessories